Meet the Staff of Autobank

Shane Hall - President/CEO

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Shane Hall has been a successful business owner in the Upstate for the past twenty-five years in addition to this he raced professionally with the NASCAR Nationwide Series for ten years.  He is the sole proprietor of Unlimited Properties & Holdings Inc., a property management company which consists of several hundred rental homes and commercial properties throughout the Upstate area.  Additionally Shane owns AutoBank Floorplan LLC a company that provides capitol to independent car dealers in the Carolinas and Georgia. AutoBank Premium Pre-Owned was established by Shane in 2004 with the goal to provide the Upstate with affordable and reliable used vehicles. AutoBank Premium Pre-Owned has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Shane works vigorously to ensure that his businesses are managed professionally, compliant with all state/federal guidelines, and maintains a reputation for being fair and honest. All of his companies maintain a very low employee turnover rate which is a testament to his character, not only as an upstanding business owner but a great employer as well.  The positive and comfortable environment that Shane has created for everyone is passed on to his customers and is the essential key to his continued success.  Under his leadership and guidance, AutoBank Premium Pre-Owned is a dealership that truly cares about customers and makes their satisfaction the top priority.  

Rick Walden - General Manager

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Rick is our General Manager.  Rick has over 35 years experience in the auto business where he has established strong relationships with many of our lenders, which benefits us tremendously when it comes to getting our customers financial needs met.  He also handles our huge inventory, making sure each vehicle has been serviced, is mechanically sound, and safe before we sell it.  Rick is a true expert when it comes to automobiles.  His knowledge and expertise are invaluable to our team.  His dedication and knowledge about the auto industry is second to none.  Rick's guidance and experience give our team a huge advantage and great opportunity to learn the auto business inside and out.  When Rick isn't focused on the car business, he enjoys spending time with his family.  

Greg McCarson - Sales Manager

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Greg is our Sales Manager.  He is a Greenville native with 24 years experience in the automotive and financial industry.  Greg started out in the subprime lending business then went into sales.  He has managed several new car dealerships.  He always makes customers his priority and understands the importance of building positive relationships with everyone.  Always likes to be involved with his sales team and customers throughout the car buying process.  He's a very genuine and straight forward person who believes in doing business the same way.  Greg is a true people person who cares about his employees as well as his customers.  His philosophy is somewhat old school when it comes to servicing customers, yet he's always trying to improve and adapt to new and innovative processes as the auto market changes.  He works tirelessly to maintain a positive, welcoming environment at AutoBank.  With years over 20 years of experience in what he refers to as the "people" business, he always goes the extra mile to make every customer feel comfortable and gets treated fairly.  Greg makes it his goal every day to show customers, as well as employees, that he sincerely cares about everyone's experience at AutoBank and will do whatever is necessary to create a professional, comfortable, fair and honest buying experience.  As the auto industry has changed over the years, the one constant is that people always deserve respect and appreciation before, during, and after their purchase.  No one is more committed to making you feel stress-free and comfortable when purchasing a vehicle.  

Marques Greer - Sales Consultant

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Marques has been with Autobank for over 10 years and is a true asset to our team.  Marques is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  He has established a strong customer base and most of his customers become repeat buyers.  Marques is always dependable and you can count on him to always do what he says.  He's not only a team leader, he takes on responsibilities above and beyond most sales people.  Marques is absolutely the guy any manager would want on their sales team.  Other than being a great asset to us at Autobank, he's got a comedians sense of humor, and can relate to all walks of life.  If you ever need someone to brighten your day, he's the person who can do so.   Marques is appreciated not only by his customers, but by his coworkers and managers as well.  

Paula Tittle - Sales Consultant

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Paula has been in the auto business for 6 years.  She's originally from Charleston, SC but has made Greenville home for the past 7 years.  Paula gives all the other sales people a run for their money every month when it comes to selling cars.  She is a hard worker and is well liked by all of her coworkers and customers.  She has a great personality and is happy to go out of her way to help anyone.  Paula is a team player and has become a real asset to our sales team.  We are proud to have her here at Autobank.

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